Gavin Chai Malaysia | New Zealand, b. 1997

 Gavin Chai's practice draws upon a rich history of cultural heritage and painting techniques to represent contemporary experiences. Chai's current works focus' on interior spaces and makes reference to the traditions of Dutch & Danish painting from the 17th - 19th Century. His influences are a blend of historical, as well the personal and present, making allusions to classical & biblical themes with timeless allegories.


Chai's hauntingly vivid works with their humble subject matter - set within waiting rooms and unassuming domestic environments - turn our attention to the intimacy of the ordinary and sometimes ethereal quality of the 'every day'. With his use of shallow space, high contrast lighting and the theatrical arrangements of objects - Chai infuses his 'seemingly' mundane subject matter with sense of growing intensity or subdued drama. His awareness of traditional painting techniques and employment of figurative realism, provides an understated elegance to his empty rooms which command our careful attention as they grapple with timeless themes.

Gavin appears with Bergman Gallery courtesy of Föenander Gallery.