Meta 1: Group Exhibition

1 - 30 November 2023
"The metaverse is a shared, immersive, virtual space where we engage with experiences in ways beyond what we can do in the physical world. "  JiNan Glasgow George

It is a great pleasure to share an on-line exhibition featuring 14 important works by artists Andy Leleisi'uao, Raymond Sagaploutele, Telly Tuita, Mahiriki Tangaroa and Benjamin Work. 


As we look to engage with a  global, digital  audience, on-line exhibitions present an opportunity to show artworks that are not necessarily curated within a physical space,  yet when collated into a metaphysical exhibition, presents the viewer with a new visual experience and the opportunity to re-enage with the artists narrative.  


We hope you enjoy this show, where ever you may be.