Te Vaerua O Te Vaine, Our Mother's Hands : Group Exhibition

13 July - 5 August 2023 Bergman Gallery, Auckland

Tungane Broadbent | Nina Oberg Humphries | Serene Hodgman | Stevei Houkāmau | Sylvia Marsters


Te Vaerua O Te Vaine, Our Mother's Hands speaks to matriarchal intergenerational learning, celebrating women's creativity and skills and passing down wisdom and knowledge from one generation to another.


This exhibition brings together five women from diverse practises.


Tungane Broadbent is a Cook Islands Tivaivai artist of international acclaim. Sylvia Marsters is an artist of Cook Island descent who specialises in hyper detailed oil paintings of Cook Islands flora and people. Stevei Houkāmau is a New Zealand Māori ceramic artist that references the indigenous tattoo practices of Tā moko and Tatau, customary vessels, matriarchal relationships and growth cycles to consider connections between past, present and future.


Serene Hodgman's modern spin on the traditional art form of Tivaivai (Cook Islands embroidery), 'ie toga (Sāmoan fine mats) and koloa (Tongan fine mats) sees the artist adorning plastic beach mats with vibrant silk ribbons. Christchurch born Cook Islands artist Nina Oberg Humphries is a self-described cultural hybrid. Her practise explores the contrasts between Cook Islands artefacts, performance, costume & tradition, and western popular culture - to create a visual language that represents second generation Pasifika - New Zealand born Pacific Islanders.