Where The Wild Roses Grow: Sione Monū

4 - 27 July 2024 Bergman Gallery, Auckland

Opens 5pm Thursday 4th July, all welcome. 


Where the Wild Roses Grow meets artist Sione Monū in the latest iterations of their cloud making practice. 


An extension of a series of experimental works based in nimamea'a tuikakala (the Tongan fine art of flower designing using the form of kahoa, or Tongan garlands), Monū's clouds tie traditional practice with contemporary materials of the diaspora. Shifting away from wearable adornment, their works act as symbols that reference the evolution of the kahoaand of Tongan life in Aotearoa.


First conceived in 2020, Monū's cloud practice has evolved through various forms. Each crafted from plastic flowers and beading, their clouds also embrace interplay between the ephemeral and the eternal, and the natural and the manufactured while directly engaging with the Pacific diaspora.