Tokyo International Art Fair: Andy Leleisi'uao

8 - 9 October 2021

Andy Leleisi'uao

Tokyo International Art Fair (Digital Ed.)

October 8-9, 2021


As various strains of the  Covid pandemic swept across the globe in 2021, it was our pleasure to present a small suite of  Andy Leleisi'uao's series  'A Diasporic Pulse of Faith & Patience'  to the digital edition of the Tokyo International Art Fair.


Painted in NYC in 2018, the full series of 12 panels was exhibited in Rarotonga in November, 2019. 


Opened by curator Francis McWhannell (NZ), he said ' Such wonder is characteristic of Andy’s art. It possesses great beauty and wit but is never about superficial prettiness or one-liners. His paintings are dense with memorable detail. Spend even a short time looking at the works in this show, and the figures, objects, and scenes Andy has made will lodge themselves in your mind’s eye.'  

A full exhibition statment is here.