A Place to call Home: Group Exhibition

15 June - 8 July 2023 Bergman Gallery, Auckland

Luise Fong | Louie Bretaña | Tanja McMillan - Misery | Bev Moon |  Rhea Maheshwari | Naomi Azoulay | Cindy Huang | Abhi Chinniah | Yeonjae Choi


A Place to call Home, the first group exhibition of contemporary New Zealand Asian art developed by Bergman Gallery, will open on June 15.


Home. It is a small word with significant meaning. It is a word that conveys powerful emotion. It means safety, belonging, acceptance, love and security, the tenets that we crave above all else.  A Place to call Home speaks to the generational presence of Asian New Zealanders and reveals the role that their art plays in New Zealand's contemporary cultural landscape. The artwork, by established and emerging New Zealand Asian artists, conveys how these practitioners translate ancestral legacies within their own, immediate surround to examine concepts of home and belonging.


The artists’ narratives recognise traditions that span a great deal of the Pacific and Asian continent, including Korea, China, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malaysia and the Middle East; traditions that now merge with their New Zealand values and identity. It generates a commanding dialogue, with distinct voices, stories and perspectives. It is biographical in nature, reflecting a broad conversation of cultural evolution within the New Zealand population at large.


Through paintings, photography, sculpture and ceramics, A Place to call Home places a bright focus on the declaration that New Zealand is indeed, home.