Tungane Broadbent – Roses, Tivaivai Manu.


Tungane Broadbent, Roses. Tivaivai Manu, 245x195cm, 2019.

While Tivaivai possess a strong decrotative asthetic, the stories of family, culture and time that are hand sewn into the fabric are of immesurable valule.  Tivaivai are incredible examples of patience, love and ethos. They pulse with the energy of their surround, incorporating flower and plant motiff, religious symbols, colours & pattern . The patterns that have developed and the methods by which they are cut and sewn, have a distinct Cook Islands flavour.

Tivaivai are iconic statements of occasion, omnipresent at weddings, funerals, important meetings and special celebration.

Tivaivai exemplify relationships, between the women that make them. They tell stories of time and transition, of mothers and grandmothers, passing essential knowledge from one generation to the next. Tivaivai speak with authority of the evolution of a community, culture and a nation over a hundred years, they are significant records of events that have shaped that story. Ben Bergman.



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