Raymond Sagapolutele – Tala Mo’i, is it the truth?


Raymond Sagapolutele, Tala Mo’i, is it the truth? C-Type photographic print on Fuji Crystal archive paper, semi-matte finish, 975x650mm, 2009/22. Ed /3 + 2 ap.

Tala Mo’i is the phrase used by young Samoans when demanding to know if the story they were being told was legitimate. The artists nephew Payton embodies the phrase in this image, framing the request with a no-nonsense stare and the posturing of the great Samoan wrestlers and boxers of the 70s & 80s. While this image embodies a sense of nostalgia, its universal message is impossible to ignore in this age of transparent obfuscation and ‘alternative facts’ reported in 24/7 news cycles, where the truth is disposed of in favour of political and social agenda.

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