Raymond Sagapolutele – Changes II.


Raymond Sagapolutele, Changes II.  Giclee matte print laminated and mounted on dibond aluminium, 420x594mm, 2022. Ed /3 + 2 ap. Final edition avail 3/3. 

The evolution of the skulls from painted to glass. These three works mark the move away from external experimentation with paint to a view to seeing how light changes the narrative, keeping the elements of colour in play with the use of hibiscus flowers to anchor and provide a break in the silhouette of the skull

The glass works that evolved from the CHANGES series became the MITI series, a study in how the artist managed his own mental health and well being after nearly three years of Covid chaos. The most obvious evolution of the process the artwork took was not just the internalized colouring of the glass skulls but also the replacement of the black of the Vā (relational spa) with the white of the Miti (the dream space).


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