Gavin Jones


‘How paintings are made can sometimes get in the way of what is represented, but then how a painting is constructed makes for an interesting subject as it manipulates the way we experience form as well as content. Painting is not without its flaws and the mere presence of labor only exacerbates the situation. This unpredictable way of painting allows me to exploit the material transgressions and accidents that can occur while working, this enables me to further explore how paintings can be made. Painting for me requires that there be a problem and that the system I have mentioned be used to process such problems concerning alternative material analogies, visual equivalents for a mediated experience couched in abstraction. Painting here is tasked with the job of testing the tolerance of these painted forms. For now, the problem remains one of depicting. How do you go about making such a painting that frames itself as its subject without relying on the usual signs and tropes that traditionally indicate that a struggle has occurred? ‘

Gavin Jones / June 2021 

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