Andy Leleisi’uao with BCA Gallery
UFOlogical City
March 3 – 6, 2011
7W 34th St

Following on from multiple NYC shows (Kips Gallery, Chelsea) and the BCA group show MANUIA (American Indian Community House) and two major residencies (Taipei Village|Taiwan and McCahon|Auckland) over the past year, Leleisi’uao’s new work will reflect an alternate world from his trademark UFOlogical series. Born  of his imagination and his lived experiences, Andy’s UFOlogical speaks on a universal level. The artist is concerned with familiar sociological issues; unlimited consumerism, environmental irresponsibility, racial discrimination & socio/economic inequality. His site specific presentation for Volta NYC draws the viewer into a realm populated by strange creatures, all engaged in flurry of activity.  A new culture is being constructed, a new race striving to build a reality free of traditional human foibles.