Sylvia Marsters
Hibiscus Hedge
April 6 – May 12, 2017

Opening Thursday April 6th @6pm with McWilliams High Altitude Pinot Grigio & Shiraz and CITC Liquor.

Hon. Henry Puna, Prime Minister of the Cook Islands
Sylvia Marsters, Exhibiting Artist
Ben Bergman, Gallery Director

Succeeding her nine panel series, New Yorkers Don’t See Flowers, VOLTA Art Fair, NYC 2014 – and her increasingly complex gardenia works for the Auckland Art Fair – 2016, Marsters new flower compositions take on a heightened sense of realism.

Marsters states, ‘NYC influenced my artistic eye seeking out more structural form, bold composition and scale. Back home in the studio I had vivid recollections of the long flight home. Vast plains of undulating earth, great canyons and mountainsides with veins of water flowing through them like the veins in flowers.’ Encountering a series of Gauguin works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Marsters was fascinated by the sense of something intrinsically Polynesian shining brightly in amongst the frenetic pulse of a major world city.

Marsters new works take on a fresh sense of resolve, generating hibiscus compositions of striking detail, veritable road-maps of patient brushstrokes making up her increasingly detailed arrangements. The series, Hibiscus Hedge transports the viewer to a state of nostalgia, back to a less complicated existence on an island were life was not so hurried, and smiles were as abundant as the red hibiscus that seemingly made up the majority of village hedges.

All Photographs, Turama Photography.