Mahiriki Tangaroa: Blessed Again by the Gods

4 April - 28 May 2016 Bergman Gallery, Rarotonga

Bergman Gallery Opening Exhibition 

Opening Speakers:
Hon. Teina Bishop, Minister of Tourism
Massey Mateariki, Bank South Pacific


Surrounded by local flora, dimensional Cook Islands deities populate the vivid Island landscapes, connecting past and present. Four large canvases, represent the four seasons, Summer, Winter, Autumn & Spring.The smaller scale 5th canvas encompasses the thematic premise, providing a renewal point for all things.


Tangaroa writes; 'At the outset of this project there were a wide range of concepts and ideas that I wanted to explore. It was the idea of "seasons", the cycle of change that I came to reflect upon, the gifts of paradise, faith, memory and forgiveness. Mechanisms that can influence our values and perceptions, ultimately defining how we exist and how we interact with one another. The titles "Blessed Again", and "Forgiven Again" are constructs of what could be regarded as tolerating, compromising terms. The negative being supported by the miraculous affirmative.


Deriving from actual events, it begs to question the sincerity of faith and forgiveness that we maintain today. "Memories Gifted" and "Paradise Gifted" are questionable titles in the sense of "memory" and "paradise", concepts subject to both negative and affirmative perception and interpretation. Gifts to be treasured nonetheless. Present is the family of traditional gods, gods who were created in the image of man. Gathered in the resplendent Isle of Paradise they look on with optimism and concern, they look to an uncertain future and hope all will be well. This exhibition wishes to prompt an audience to consider and appreciate these gifts, and to be mindful of what they signify should they come your way.'