Sylvia Marsters: E Moemoe'a Naku 2

25 July - 19 August 2023 Bergman Gallery, Rarotonga

Opening Speakers:

Ben Bergman, Gallery Director

Sylvia Marsters, Artist


Sylvia Marsters returns to exhibition in Rarotonga with her new solo project, E Moemoe'a Naku 2. A veritable sequel to her 2022 solo exhibition E Moemoe'a Naku - A Dream Of Mine  (Bergman Gallery, Auckland), Marster's new paintings take on a deeper, dreamlike  quality, conveying a viewing experience halfway between the visible and invisible, offering glimpses of scenes, real and imagined. 

The artist writes; "Twenty years ago, I came to Rarotonga for the first time as the Creative New Zealand artist in residence. It has given me a meaningful connection, a strong foundation exploring the unique characteristics, nature and culture of this precious environment. My new exhibition is an ode to my 'Ipukarea',  my ancestral home, which continues to play a significant role in my work."