Bergman Gallery
Auckland Art Fair, May 25-29, 2016
Booth B18
The Cloud
Auckland Viaduct

Vernissage 5pm, May 25

Bergman Gallery is proud to debut at the Auckland Art Fair with a new collection of paintings by Mahiriki Tangaroa, Sylvia Marsters, Andy Leleisiúao and Mark Cross. Bergman Gallery (formerly BCA Gallery) is based in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Mahiriki Tangaroa’s large expressive canvases will be exhibited together with a collection of her smaller works. Sylvia Marsters engaging floral paintings have recently increased in scale and will further evolve her new dimensional technique. Andy Leleisiúao will present new UFOlogical works and an ongoing sculptural project Sunflower People. This will be a first for all artists to offer a combined presentation. Marsters’ flowers will provide an impressive contrast to the style of both Tangaroa & Leleisiúao, with Mark Cross showing two new small water paintings.

AAF Quick Report: The Auckland Art Fair is done and our profound thanks to the organisers North Port Events for allowing Bergman Gallery to exhibit. Five days of intense art activity in a great atmosphere showcased Bergman Gallery and exhibiting artists Mahiriki Tangaroa, Sylvia Marsters, Andy Leleisiúao & Mark Cross to a new audience and collector base. Joining the Bergman Gallery booth were Turama Photography directors Julian and Brie Zeman who documented our stand. Art Fair visitors were intrigued by the fact that Bergman Gallery had travelled from Rarotonga to join the art fair and many questions about the Cook Islands were asked. It was indeed an honour to represent the destination and the broader Pacific. Rarotonga visitors to the stand included Mike Mitchel, Ross & Janet Holmes, Jolene Bosanquet, Christine Hurley, Mangakahia Family, Robert Skews, Maria Henderson, Puai Wichman & Tai Ngari.

Our appreciation to Bergman Gallery sponsors Air New Zealand, Palm Grove, Bank South Pacific (BSP), CITC Liquor, Turama Photography and TOA Gas for providing the level of support that allows these projects to exist.